Auto Union Type C (1936)

About this car

The 1936 Auto Union Type C is one of the most lustworthy race cars in automotive history. Unapologetically sleek, sinister and revolutionanary. An all time favorite to this day.

About this sculpture

This Henk Kolk sculpture shows Bernd Rosemeyer in his favourite car: the 1936 Auto Union Type C. Bernd Rosemeyer was born in Germany in 1909 and was one the greatest drivers in the ´30s. He mostly drove this 16 cilinder Auto Union, winning 3 consecutive at the Nurburgerring.

The centrally place engine was very difficult to drive. Only him and the Italian legend Tazio Nuvolari mastered this 500 pk (370 kw) car. His Grand Prix victories in 1936 and 1937 also made him famous outside of Germany.

A speedrecord of 432 km per hour which took place between Frankfurt and Darmstadt also meant the end of this drivers life. His car caught strong sidewinds and spun of the road.

This hand cast bronze sculpture is made in a limited edition serie of 20 castings.


- Weigth: 46,9 kg

- Length: 70 cm

- Height: 20 cm

- Width: 35 cm

- Status: for sale

- Quantity: 20 castings, signed and numbered

- Year manufactured: 2012

- Price: on request 

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